UAL Alliance and its predecessor offer, since 1973, professional cargo handling and is best known for its conventional liner service from Europe and the U.S. Gulf to West Africa and vice versa, specialising in break bulk and project cargoes for the Oil & Gas industry. UAL has been able to grow continuously as a stable logistic service provider due to its direct and flexible approach. Through dedication and hard work, UAL Alliance has built strong business relationships and mutual trust with customers as well as with our partners.

We operate multi-purpose tween-deck geared vessels between 8.500 and 12.500 DWT. With the variety of vessels within our fleet and our experience of delivering and operating in the most remote areas of the world, we are able to deliver on any project from start to finish safely and on time.

Service Areas:

From Europe, we usually sail from Aberdeen and Antwerp, but will visit other ports if needed. From North America, we sail from Houston, or from Veracruz in Mexico.

We transport cargo on a regular basis (break bulk and containers) to most of the West African ports that are important to the Oil & Gas industry, such as Luanda, Soyo, Lobito, Pointe Noire, Port Gentil, Porto Amboin, Port Harcourt, Lagos, Takoradi, Douala, Banana, Luba and, of course, Malabo, where our own K5 Freeport & Oil Centre is located. 

Through Inter Africa services we create continuous cargo flows between these African ports.

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