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UAL Alliance consists of the shipping lines Universal Africa Lines Ltd.Universal Africa Lines B.V.  and their dedicated agent for the US, UAL America, based in Houston, Texas.

We also have a group of nominated agents in all West African ports.

UAL responds to the increasing needs in the shipping industry by providing expert knowledge and skills to clients in the Oil & Gas industry who frequently need to ship cargo to remote or logistically difficult areas. We are constantly expanding the UAL Alliance, with UAL agents situated at the ports themselves.

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UAL representatives throughout Africa ensure and direct clear communication, including when the cargo has arrived. Our customers can rely on them to act on their behalf whenever necessary.

UAL also partners with existing, local companies that are strategically situated to service our clients. We consistently seek out alternative solutions to logistically challenging projects, and the UAL representatives are on-hand to facilitate customers’ specialised shipping needs right at the port of call and on-board, by being at the point of discharge and providing direct solutions.

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