Martijn Hordijk (35) holds the position of Commercial Manager at UAL Netherlands. In this very first edition of our interview series, he answers frankly to a few professional and personal questions.

What is your current job position?

In my daily job I assist and provide solutions for our clients throughout Europe for their breakbulk and project cargoes from Europe to Africa and in addition from Africa to Europe for the Oil & Gas Industry. 

My office is located in Capelle aan den IJssel but love to travel and meet our clients face to face.

What was your first job?

My very first job was at a small audio- video- and camera shop during my high school years. In the weekends I did my best to sell tv’s and photo camera’s but most fun part was the in house movie library. I watched all the blockbuster and not so good movies from the 90’s.

Besides work what are your passions?

I love to do some running and sometimes train for long distance races like a 15k or marathon. Also writing and contributing articles/posts by spotting interesting places, activities and events for the Rotterdam cityblog of Spotted by Locals is one of my passions.

Have you ever visited Africa? 

Yes! The beautiful island of Bioko in Equatorial Guinea, probably more known for its port Malabo K5. I visited the terminal K5 which is part of the UAL Alliance and have travelled across the island. Now very excited to visit the other countries in Africa.

Have you ever sailed on a ship? 

Yes! I have sailed onboard an Universal Africa Lines vessel from Aberdeen to Larvik. During the voyage I worked with the crew and experienced bad weather so no rest during the night. The Captain told me this was nothing compared to the sailing to Las Palmas.  This will most likely be my next trip.

If you would live somewhere else which country would you choose?

Definitely Bali, Indonesia. During my last holiday I met the very friendly locals and their relaxed way of living. I love it! Also the temperature is very nice and the local food is one of my favorite.

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