In light of the recent developments in Gabon, UAL is closely monitoring the situation and shall keep their clients advised of any developments. The safety of the crew, vessels and cargo remains our priority however, to date we see no reason to cancel the scheduled sailing to Gabon as we expect the situation to stabilize in the short term.  

If, however, this changes we shall inform all the relevant parties immediately.


As from 1st of December 2022 BOCS Bremen Overseas Chartering and Shipping (BOCS) and Universal Africa Lines (UAL) will be represented by the new set-up African Agency Alliance BV (AAA) in the port of  Antwerp.

AAA will act as liner agency for both shipping lines. A well experienced, professional, and dedicated team with genuine local knowledge will assure a smooth handling of all operations within the port of Antwerp.
“The formation of this new dedicated Africa liner agency will further enhance the quality of customer service for our clients, and we feel that there is a serious benefit from all the years of combined Africa experience it offers. UAL is proud to be commercially represented by AAA in our European main port of Antwerp”, says Harald Maas, Managing Director of UAL.”

BOCS is very pleased to announce the new cooperation with AAA. The port of Antwerp is to be considered as one of our main European destinations. Our clientele will benefit from optimized services through synergetic effects, as AAA is dedicated to carriers with main destination West Africa”, states Björn Hollnagel, Managing Director of BOCS.

The first BOCS vessel handled by AAA at Antwerp port will be the MV BOCS SPIRIT voyage 22521, whereas for UAL it will be the MV UAL OSPREY, arriving December 8th in Antwerp.

African Agencey Alliance

Please find hereunder the contact details of AAA in Antwerp:

Noorderlaan 29
2030 Antwerpen

Contact persons:

Commercial Line Manager BOCS
Mr. Freddy Verreyken
Direct line: +32 (0)3 270 90 42
Mobile phone: +32 47 47 10 49 8

Commercial Line Manager UAL
Mr. Koen Van Belle
Direct line: +32 (0)3 270 90 47
Mobile phone: +32 49 65 20 61 1

We are pleased to present Universal Africa Lines with the Best Sustainable Stand award at AntwerpXL 2022!

Universal Africa Lines (UAL) have won the sustainability award for their hard work and dedication to ecological sustainability. They are one of the first companies to commission to build, five of their own ‘Eco-Trader’ vessels, which have a substantially reduced draft, and consequently, are more fuel efficient. They have also expanded their investment into preserving basic resources, like water, with their award-winning Ecoaguas Plant.

Read The Press Release

UAL wins best sustainable stand award

We, Universal Africa Lines B.V., are proud to announce that we have increased our fleet and will now be 15 vessels strong! A new Landing craft (LCT) has joined our heavy geared MPV’s so we can offer more variety to our clients. This also means that after 5 years, UAL again has a ‘UAL Trader’ in their midst.

A landing craft unlike any other with space to hold approximately 430 TEU which is ideal for transportation of containers to shallow draft ports. With an LOA of 99,80 mtrs and a beam of 25 mtrs, the ‘UAL Trader’ is a welcome addition to better serve our valued clients.

She is currently heading into dry dock for a month and will be available in the Atlantic corridor afterwards.

UAL Trader

13 May 2022 New Joint Venture

BOCS and UAL have started a new joint venture for the Mediterranean and Black Sea to and from West Africa.

The “UAL BOCS Shipping Line BV (UBSL)”, will be based in Capelle ad IJssel in the Netherlands and will not only continue the already existing UAL Mediterranean Service, but also expand by the additional expertise and tonnage from the BOCS group.

Read The Press Release

New Addition To The UAL Fleet

Universal Africa Lines is pleased to announce the latest addition to its fleet, the mv UAL Manitoba.

Universal Africa Lines, the niche carrier for the Oil and Gas and project industry in West Africa, has recently purchased the mv UAL Manitoba.
The mv UAL Manitoba, a modern 12’700 mts DWT multipurpose vessel with 3 box shaped holds, is equipped with 2 x 120MT ship’s gear which can be combined to 240MT lifting capacity.
“2021 was a challenging year with the global pandemic but also with the extreme challenges in our domain, worldwide shipping” says Harald Maas, Director of UAL Netherlands, “Due to the current strain on global tonnage and new Oil and Gas markets such as Senegal, Ivory Coast and Mozambique to name a few, the logical step for us was to invest in additional vessels“.

“With our Chartering desk in Denmark, we are also further developing the Mediterranean” Mr. Maas continues “more reason to add this new lady to our fleet, to be able to meet the expectations of our esteemed clients”.

Mv UAL Manitoba is currently in dry dock. Expected sailing date out of Varna is 21st of March, thereafter she has already secured cargo from the Med to West-Africa.

For any booking inquiries please contact:



Please note that our business email extension has changed from into





Operations USA:

All direct email addresses will also change from into and will continue to function with this new extension.


The Joint War Committee recently expended the high risk area to include the following countries: Gabon, Equatorial Guinee and Cameroon (*). Subsequently this has significantly increased our costs and risk in the region. Therefore UAL is left with no other option than to apply a high risk surcharge in order to be able to maintain the level of our service you are used to. For more detailed info pls see and

The surcharge will be effective as from July 1st, 2021 (B/L date) for all new bookings.

Amount : Eur 10,- w/m; Eur 150,- per TEU


Screen Shot 2021 07 16 at 1.43.52 PM

Together with their offices in Houston (UAL America) and Copenhagen (UAL Chartering) and their dedicated agencies throughout Europe and Africa, they will have the MV EsenMV Vega and the UAL Fortitude from North Europe and the Mediterranean and the MV HC Eva Marie and UAL Cologne from the US Gulf calling to Nigeria.

Known as the independent breakbulk niche carrier UAL remains one of the very few carriers still offering direct shipments to Nigeria.

“The reliability and consistency of the services offered by UAL have proven to be popular amongst our client base which consists of many of the well-known oil and gas companies and their subcontractors.” Samir Ferguen, Managing Director, UAL Chartering.

With its presence in West Africa spanning over four decades UAL continues to offer their clients standard liner services from the US Gulf and Europe to WAF a guaranteed sailing every three weeks using modern tonnage as well as more tailor-made solutions for those clients requiring a more personalised service.


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