UAL America – General Agent to UAL B.V. in America

UAL America, Houston, a member of UAL Alliance, is the US general agent of Universal Africa Lines B.V. (UAL B.V.) – and deals with the shipping line’s customer relations management, bookings, documentation and collections with all the major customers.

Their in-house port captains handle the loading and unloading of UAL vessels at the Manchester terminal in Houston. UAL America is also in charge of in-house container maintenance and repair.

UAL America proudly offers over 25 years of unrivalled successful project management and dedicated customer service.

UAL B.V. is specialised in transporting dedicated cargo, mainly for the Oil & Gas industry, from Europe and the US to West Africa (and vice versa) as well as to East Africa.

UAL B.V., is also the dedicated carrier for the new LAM/Caribbean Service, which was initiated, based on the rising customer demand for an alternative carrier to LAM/Caribbean. 

The new service will join the US Gulf-West Africa service, which has operated for 25 years. Primary ports of UAL are Houston’s City Docks/USA, Veracruz/Mexico, Port Lisas/Trinidad, Georgetown/Guyana, Paramaribo/Suriname, Barranquilla/Colombia, and Rio de Janeiro and Santos/Brazil. Other ports will be called on inducement.

UAL America

415 Spring Hill Drive
Spring, TX 77386

Phone  : +1-281-5878484
E-mail :
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Mrs. Dianna Knight – President
Mobile: +1-713-8287238


Mrs. Brittany Clark – Vice President
Mobile: +1-281-6206470



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