Mission Statement

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UAL’s mission is to offer our customers the best logistic chain management from the US Gulf and Europe to West Africa and back. We are not only bringing break bulk and containers from point A to point B, but we also arrange for documentation, customs clearance and ship and port management through our network of UAL Agents. We strive to be more than a carrier: our mission is to solve our customers’ logistic problems by providing them with complete logistic chain management.
Our vision is to establish the same service on the routes to and from East Africa. In this region, vast quantities of gas have been found, and new developments are well underway. We have already established business alliances in the area, which will enable us to offer regular liner services soon.
Our customers and their logistic needs are of central importance to us.
We are proud to be able to attest to our long-standing business relations with most of the major contenders in the Oil & Gas industry.
Awareness of customers’ needs is essential and therefore we communicate with our customers on a daily basis.
UAL Alliance has invested in ecological sustainability:
  1.We were one of the first companies to commission to build, 5 of our own “Eco-Trader” vessels with substantially reduced draft, resulting in efficient fuel consumption.  These vessels are easily recognisable by their innovative axe bow.
  2.We have expanded our investment into preserving basic resources such as drinking water with our award winning
Ecoaguas Plant.
  3.We have obtained internationally recognised licences to ship and manage hazardous waste from Africa to Europe to have it recycled in certified plants, all in full compliance with the Basel treaty. We provide complete K5 Waste Management for our customers, with certificates documenting the recycling of their waste in full compliance to this treaty.
UAL Alliance also has its own broad-based social investment project through Youngblood Arts & Culture Development. As UAL connects continents, so arts and culture connect all parts of the world! It was and is our mission to support progress within the creative sector and to connect people internationally through local arts and culture. This way, many talented individuals are given a very real chance at a sustainable future in the creative industries.
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