Management Team

Roger Jungblut started his career at the age of 16 as a junior clerk in the port of Rotterdam. At the age of 27 he commenced working with a shipping company. He then moved on to become the CEO and chairman of UAL in 1983. His determination and ability to achieve the most challenging goals by finding alternative shipping solutions, is the driving force behind the continued success of UAL Alliance.

Jac Koek started his career in shipping in 1961 at the age of 16 as a clerk with Mueller & Co, an agency in Rotterdam, and later with Pakhoed. In the 70’s and 80’s he specialised as a line operator to and from West Africa.  He started working for UAL Alliance in 1989 and is currently the worldwide manager of the UAL shipping line.

Dianna Knight stepped into the position as the President of Consolidated Steamship Agency in 2009, after joining the company in 1997. She grew along with CSA, developing her extensive experience in ocean freight management, financial savvy, operational knowledge and procedures.
She continues to guide the helm of UAL America (CSA) and will continue to expand UAL America’s presence in the forefront of the shipping industry.

Harald Maas studied Maritime Sciences at the Nautical University of Flushing, and went on to pursue a seagoing career.
After coming ashore he has worked in the stevedoring world in Houston and Rotterdam, and has been working for UAL since 2007, where he started as a Port Captain. Since then, he has worked his way through the ranks to the position of Director of Universal Africa Lines B.V.

Rob Maaskant studied economics at the University of Rotterdam and pursued a career in finance and accounting. He worked for several international banks and also for an Oil & Gas service company in Canada. From 1995 onwards he operated an independent consultant specialising in mergers and acquisitions, before joining UAL Alliance a decade ago as their Financial management consultant.

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