About UAL

The UAL Alliance combines the diverse aspects of logistics to one dedicated shipping service. Today Universal Africa Lines B.V. (UAL B.V), together with several agents under the UAL brand name throughout Europe, Africa and the Americas, represent a global shipping brand that has serviced the Oil & Gas industry since 1973.

Its main focus is on complete logistic management (involving both break bulk and containers) from Europe and from the US Gulf to West Africa (vice versa).

UAL is offering intra-African service on the west coast of Africa. UAL operates a fleet of multi-purpose vessels. These vessels are geared, which means they can load and discharge cargo using their own cranes.

UAL’s customers are paramount to UAL and they can rely on fast, flexible and professional service provided by experts. UAL offers their clients decades of focused experience, technical expertise and commercial awareness, combined with European and American management, inclusive local knowledge. Through constant dedication and hard work, UAL Alliance builds on strong business relationships and mutual trust between their global customers and their partners.

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