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3 September 2020 – PRESS RELEASE: UAL Chartering – Copenhagen, Denmark

Interview with

Mr. Samir Ferguen
Managing Director

First of all Samir, please let our readers get to know you. Who are you, and what is your background in shipping & chartering leading up to your current posting in Copenhagen?

I have been working within the project, chartering, and heavy-lift industry since 2008. I started my career as a trainee with Scan-Trans in Denmark at the age of 21. At that time, the industry was still surfing the wave of high economic reward, which quickly changed at the end of my 2-year stay at the office in Denmark, but nonetheless, Scan-Trans was one of the best places to be as a trainee. I was lucky to be offered a chartering position in Houston. I continued my training and worked there from 2010 to 2011. Thereafter, I relocated to the Asian HQ, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where I took part of the chartering team from 2011-2015. During this period, Scan-Trans merged with Intermarine.

Towards the end of 2014, with my son being one and a half years old at the time and my daughter on the way, we decided to go back to Denmark. I had a short period with Nordana in Denmark, before going back to Intermarine, which later on became Zeamarine.

At Zeamarine/Intermarine, we had a very good position worldwide, and we managed to create a very strong position within the Europe/Africa trade. This is not something I can take full credit for. My long-time friend and colleague, Morten Moeller had a huge part in developing this from scratch.

Since we started the dialog with UAL earlier this year, and after having met with the fantastic team in Rotterdam, it quickly became clear that this was the ideal partnership for us to continue developing the trade.

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Who are UAL chartering? I believe you are shipowners as well as an independent chartering company, right? Tell us more.

UAL Chartering is part of the UAL Alliance.

The Alliance consists of the shipping line UAL (Universal Africa Lines), with a long-established liner service from the UK, Europe to West Africa and as well from the U.S Gulf to West Africa. We do approximately two sailings every month from Aberdeen, Antwerp, and Rouen to West Africa and the same from Houston and Vera Cruz to West Africa.

UAL Netherlands, HQ in Rotterdam, acts as the overall commercial agent for the liner service, together with the other alliance member UAL Americas, in Houston, which handles bookings from the U.S. Gulf.

In addition, we have UAL Nigeria located in Port Harcourt, with both commercial staff and operators handling our many port calls to Port Harcourt, Onne, and Warri.

Another member of the alliance is the K5 Freeport & Oil Centre, located in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. The terminal is strategically located in Malabo, making it easy for oil & gas companies and offshore oil field operators to store their equipment. Also, from this terminal, we can easily feed to Nigeria, Angola or any other nearby places where there is a high production of oil & gas.

The latest member of the alliance is UAL Chartering which Morten and I started jointly, together with UAL, back in May.

You can say we have multiple functions. We are first of all in charge of the newly-established service from the Mediterranean and Black Sea to West Africa. We are, as we speak, working on our third shipment, and aiming at monthly shipments from Turkey, Italy, France, and Spain.

Furthermore, after many years of serving as the inhouse broker for UAL at DMT, Vijay Laxminarayan decided to go on his well-deserved retirement, now leaving all UAL tonnage-chartering with UAL Chartering. On top of that, then we serve as a bit of the company ‘go-to’ department for requests that fall out of the scope of the regular liner services. In these cases, UAL Chartering will make sure to tailor a solution to meet the specific request of the client.

Lastly, we have a lot of focus on developing the group’s services to East Africa.

What led you to a decision to start up an office in Denmark instead of, say, Hamburg (unless you are there already, of course)?

The reason for our location is that both Morten and I are from Denmark. One could say that it would have been more convenient to have everything under one roof in Rotterdam, but we do believe that talent matters more than location.

Do you have experience in handling project cargoes? Could you provide us with some examples of projects handled and/or a few pictures of the tonnage that you operate?

The UAL Alliance is specialized in handling project cargoes and has for the past 50 years, been servicing the region in industries such as oil & gas, mining, construction and renewable energy. As the head of the  organisation, Mr. Jungblut has been CEO of the group since 1983, and a lot of major projects have been serviced by UAL through this period of time.

There are many shipowners and operators out there. What makes you stand out?

You will simply not find a multipurpose / project shipping line who has been servicing Africa, especially the oil & gas industry, as frequently and for as many years as UAL. The set-up with offices and agents around the US, Europe, and Africa serves as the ideal platform and ensures timely response in the same time zone as the customer is located.  Add thereto the group’s own terminal, K5 in Malabo. which has been of very high value to many of our clients.

Last but not least, the UAL group has got a great team of skilled professionals across all offices, making UAL not only a fantastic place to work but a fantastic partner to entrust with your projects as well.

Please kindly provide your contact information so our readers can get in touch with you.

With pleasure:
Office: +45 5373 1350
Mobile: +45 5373 1351

General mail:
Personal mail:

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12 June 2020 – PRESS RELEASE: Universal Africa Lines first sailing on their new Mediterranean and Black Sea service to West Africa.

UAL is very pleased to announce its first ever sailing on their new Mediterranean and Black Sea to West Africa service.

The first sailing will be performed in June by the heavy lift carrier M/V UAL Fortitude. The UAL Fortitude is equipped with 2 x 180 mt cranes and has a combined lifting capacity of up to 360 mt.

On schedule is the loading ports Marina di Carrara/Italy, Rijeka/Croatia, Skikda/Algeria and discharging ports Port Harcourt, Onne/Nigeria, Pointe Noire/Congo and Luanda, Sonils/Angola.

Other ports can be added on inducement.

• M/V UAL Fortitude – Voyage 720047
• Marina Di Carrara eta 24 June
• Rijeka eta 28 June
• Skikda eta 05 July
• Port Harcourt, Onne eta 25 July
• Pointe Noire eta 30 July
• Luanda, Sonils eta 05 August

“We are very pleased that we will be able to perform our first scheduled voyage so quickly after opening our new office in Denmark.
In these extraordinary times which we are currently facing, this is a huge achievement. We are not only very proud that we were able to make this happen on such short notice, but also very thankful to our loyal clients for entrusting us with their cargoes the same way they have been doing for years on our regular liner services.

This clearly shows that there is a need for this new service.” says Harald Maas, Director of UAL Netherlands.

“We are very proud to have established the first Mediterranean sailing for UAL within our first month with the group. The feedback and support that we have received from our customers has been extraordinary and we look forward to service them on a regular basis. The planning of the next voyage is already process.” says Directors Samir Ferguen and Morten Moeller, UAL Chartering

UAL Chartering ApS
Vimmelskaftet 41A, 3
1161 Copenhagen K
Phone: +45 53 73 13 50



UAL Chartering established in Denmark to launch new Mediterranean and Black Sea service

Global shipping company Universal Africa Lines Ltd (UAL) has reinforced its position as the leading break bulk carrier to Africa for the oil and gas industry by establishing a new chartering desk in Denmark. 

UAL Chartering becomes the extending leg to the established UAL liner services from Europe and USA, providing customized solutions worldwide to and from Africa, including shipments from Europe, the Baltic, Mediterranean and the Black Sea. 

Allowing UAL to expand its current services with new regular sailings from the Mediterranean and the Black Sea to West Africa, the Danish chartering desk will additionally focus on the group’s services to East Africa. 

Based in Denmark, UAL Chartering will be headed by Directors Samir Ferguen and Morten Møller, both well known within the break bulk industry and each backed by many years’ experience in parceling of vessels not only from Europe and Africa, but also the USA and Asia. 

Established in 1973 and known as a leading shipping line servicing the oil and gas industry from Europe and America to Africa, UAL also services customers in the mining, renewables, steel and commodity segments. 

Its fleet of multipurpose vessels are able to load and discharge using their own cranes, with lifting capacity ranging from 70-360 metric tons. 

‘We are extremely proud to have been entrusted with the further expansion of UAL’s services, and to represent such a strong brand in the African trade,” said Samir Ferguen. 

Morten Møller commented: “Despite the current challenging times for the world economy, we look forward to servicing our trusted clients.” 

Harald Maas, Director, UAL Netherlands, said: “We are very excited about this new opportunity. UAL Chartering will be a valuable addition to UAL’s existing liner services and will provide extra services to UAL’s clients. 

“We are very pleased to have Samir and Morten on board. They have a proven track record and are well known and highly respected within the industry. We are confident that, with their help, we can make our new Mediterranean and Black Sea to Africa service a success. 

UAL Chartering ApS
Vimmelskaftet 41A, 3
1161 Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: +45 537 313 50


24 March 2020 – PRESS RELEASE: Universal Africa Lines will keep its Liner Services to West Africa fully operational and running

To Our Valued Customers,

In these difficult and uncertain times we would like to reassure you that one thing will remain the same, Universal Africa Lines will keep its Liner Services to West Africa fully operational and running.

UAL has been servicing West Africa for over 47 years during which we have weathered many storms, and this is by far the biggest challenge we have encountered to date. We fully realize the severity of the present crisis and therefore have taken measures to secure maximum safety both on board our vessels, and in port.

We will do our part in keeping the logistical corridor to and from West Africa open, and we commit to calling our scheduled ports to the best of our ability as we have always done. The challenges we face to do so, might force us to make (short notice) changes to our schedules, for which we count on your kind understanding.

We are in this together, and count on your support the same as you count on ours. Our hearts go out to everyone personally affected by this virus, and we have the deepest respect for all the health care workers and public officials who are fighting around the clock.

We can only humbly do our small part and sincerely appreciate your continued support.

With best regards, Harald Maas (Director – UAL Netherlands BV, General Agent to UAL Ltd)



UAL Netherlands is the General Agent to UNIVERSAL AFRICA LINES, and normally operates from it’s location in Capelle ad IJssel in the Netherlands.

In order to ensure everyones safety, with immediate effect, all staff have been sent home to work from there, and all scheduled meetings have been cancelled

All our staff will be working at their home locations, and will be reachable on their normal email addresses.

It is important to notice that ALL OUR ACTIVITIES WILL BE PERFORMED AS NORMAL, although (minor) delays can be expected.

Our office phone number will be out of service, however KEY STAFF can be reached on their mobile telephone numbers as per the following list:



Gabriel Buijs


Operations USA

Rene de Jong





Paul Resink


Operations Europe

Sjaak van Buren


Ops-Super cargo



Reinaart v.d. Broek


Export Sales

Jordie Koster


Import & Inter Africa sales



Ilona Kentie


Inside sales Europe / Documentation Manager


Paul Bolleboom


Container control

Mario van Drunen


Container control



Nico de la Fosse


Manager Finance & Administration


Ilmars Jerins


Operations manager

Edwin Mirck


Line manager

Andre Schrijver


Commercial Manager

Dagmara Balandis- Lourenço


Management assistant Director

Linda Kleinjan


This measure is implemented with immediate effect, and will last as long as the Dutch Government dictates, and for the time being,
these measures have been implemented until April 6th.

We will keep you immediately posted on any changes.

It is also important to notice that our shipping line UNIVERSAL AFRICA LINES is NOT affected, and will maintain it’s regular Liner Service as scheduled.

We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience, and trust that these measures will contribute to a normalisation of the situation.

We thank you for your appreciation.

8 October 2019 – PRESS RELEASE

“New Sulphur Regulation 2020 – Europe WAF service vv.”

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5 August 2019 – PRESS RELEASE


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Universal Africa Lines is proud to announce the latest addition to its fleet, the mv UAL Fortitude.

Universal Africa Lines, the niche carrier for the Oil and Gas and project industry in West Africa, has recently purchased the mv UAL Fortitude.
The mv UAL Fortitude , a modern 12.744mts DWT multipurpose vessel with 3 box shaped holds, is equipped with 2 x 180MT ship’s gear which can be combined to 360MT lifting capacity.
With the acquisition of this vessel, UAL is entering into the market for heavy lifts in West Africa.

“We are very excited to have this new lady in our fleet ” says Harald Maas, Director of UAL Netherlands, “The Oil and Gas industry is putting more and more demands on the lifting capacity of our vessels, and this latest addition will ensure UAL will maintain it’s position as the leading carrier for the Oil and Gas industry in West Africa for years to come. We are looking for further expansions of our fleet in the very near future, especially in the heavy lift segment “.

For any booking inquiries please contact: